Under Cyphers Hip Hop Festival 2012

Cyphers seen from behind the DJ booth

Last Wednesday, The Bboy Spot Europe team arrived in Barcelona with our homies at Lorinc Production (creators of the Outbreak Europe DVD for 2010 & 2011) who were filming the official footage for the festival. Daniel from StrifeTV was also invited to attend and document the festival. After a night of chilling, the event began with bboy and DJ workshops as well as a panel discussion on Friday. The panel was split into two parts with Erin Patton lecturing on the subject of “Tracing the Hip Hop generation’s impact on brands, sports, and pop culture” detailing how companies like Nike or Adidas targeted the Hip Hop community worldwide. The highlight of the day was with the discussion panel that included Intact, Tyquan, AT, DJ Woo-D and Joe Conzo, author of the BORN IN THE BRONX book. Joe Conzo is the first Hip Hop photographer in the history of our culture and as such, had some incredible stories to tell from the early years of our culture.

“Overall, the Under Cyphers vibe throughout the entire weekend was really dope.”

Saturday was the preliminaries with a lot of cyphers taking place. Many good crews signed up, so many of the prelim battles were really on point. Saturday night was concluded with a crazy after party at the Jamboree club. PBoys aka Party boys like Intact, Lean Rock, Woo-D, Tyquan and many others made sure the party stayed alive. Overall, the Under Cyphers vibe throughout the entire weekend was really dope.

2 vs 2 Winners, Artis and Alvarone

Sunday kicked off the finals with cyphers and later was mixed up with DJ scratch showcases by Timber, Woo-D and Lean Rock. Not expected by anybody, not even the organizer, DJs, bboys, bgirls, and MCs were all buggin’ out and had some fun freestyling some scratches and rhymes. The 2 on 2 battles heated up the venue with some really high levels of skill and originality. The organizers surprised everyone by having a live funk perform for the final battle where Artis and Alvarone took out Lunatics crew to take first place in the finals. . The 1 vs 1 Bgirl final battle featured Alessandrina from Italy versus Laraza representing Lunatics crew from Barcelona. Laraza took the win and was named Under Cyphers Bgirl champion. We look forward to seeing Artis, Alvaraone, and Laraza represent Spain at this year’s Outbreak World Finals in Slovakia. We can’t forget about the ILLEST Bboy/Bgirl of the jam awards given to the top Bboy/Bgirl killing it all weekend. Bgirl Hurricane and her sister Bgirl Dynamite shared the Bgirl award. Bboy Snot reppin Freshits was announced as ILLEST Bboy of the event. What made the award so dope was U.K legend Tuff Tim Twist custom made 2 of his famous graffiti jackets for the winners.

The Under Cyphers family

Big thanks to Ion Sontotomas, organizer of Under Cyphers for all the dedication and hard work he put in getting the festival together. We are already excited for next year’s Under Cyphers!

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