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Floorlords 34 year anniversary recap


Last weekend in Boston, Floorlords Crew celebrated 34 years of history. Established in 1981, Floorlords Crew has been a staple in our community since before we had a community. Unlike some 1st or 2nd generation crews, Floorlords is still being lead by one of their founding members and many of the original bboys in the crew still come out and join in on the celebration year after year. Check out this awesome throwback from Floorlords… Read more

Event Recaps



Last weekend the Pro Breaking Tour hit beautiful sunny San Diego California for the 23rd stop of the year for Calamities 13th Year Anniversary. Calamities 13 Year Ann had been a highly anticipated PBT event due in part to the AMAZING promo job Calamities did for the event. Check out the super funny yet effective graphics made to keep the event current on social media: As expected, the event delivered. The guys had a great… Read more

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Event Recaps

Red Bull BC One Toronto Canada Cypher recap


Last weekend history was made in Toronto Canada. Red Bull BC One organized it’s 1st official qualifier. In the words of Dj Lean Rock: “It was one of the best cyphers I’ve ever been to”. Toronto came out strong to support the event and as you can see from the pictures below, the word strong may be an understatement.   Historically Canada has always produced world class bboys and in 2015 the tradition continues. 16… Read more

Event Recaps

Freestyle Session NYC event recap


Over the weekend the Pro Breaking Tour made it’s way into the mecca of Hiphop Culture, New York City, for Freestyle Session NYC. The event featured many of NY’s heavy hitters as well as many other bboys/bgirls from across the east coast. With $3,000+ in cash (ok not cash,checks but its still $$, haha!) up for grabs and 3 plane tickets to Los Angeles, California for Freestyle Session World Finals later this year. You just… Read more

Event Recaps

World Bboy Classic 2015 Recap


This past weekend, we made our way to one of the illest 2vs2 events in Europe, the World Bboy Classic World Finals. Eindhoven in the Netherlands was the place to be with over 15 qualified winners from all over the world plus 4 invited duos. With 100+ crews trying to get that spot in top 32 to battle the pre-qualified crews, some prelim battles were super heated. WBC chose very interesting prelims system, where each… Read more


Red Bull BC One Fort Lauderdale Cypher Battle Bracket


Here it is! What many bboys in the Southern region part of the USA have been waiting for. The Red Bull BC ONE Ft. Lauderdale Southern USA regional cypher! The event will take place June 27th. We have 16 bboys from 4 different southern states competing for a spot in this years RED BULL BC ONE N. AMERICA FINALS going down in Orlando, FL Aug 22nd 2015. Red Bull BC One Ft. Lauderdale Cypher event… Read more


Throwback Thursday: The Bboy Spot Closing Its’ Doors, To Be Continued…


Originally posted on 6/16/2014 This blog has been a few months coming. More than a few already know but after this blog, everyone will. After a 5 year run, The Bboy Spot is closing it doors July 31st. Straight and to the point: WHY? Because our contract with the facility is coming to an end. We have a new dream, a bigger dream. Our dream is to BUY OUR OWN FACILITY. About 8-9 months ago,… Read more




The weekend of May 23rd the Pro Breaking Tour made it’s way into Denver Colorado for Wanted Bboy Jam. The event hosted a 1 vs 1 Breaking battle for $1,000.00 with 2nd place taking $500.00 and 3rd – 4th place taking $150 each. Double treat with 2 official highlight clips. Icdynasty Trailer 1: Wynn’s Trailer 2: Names you wouldn’t expect to show up, did and with that things got that much better. Bboys like Morris… Read more

Clip of the Day

BBOY IMAGES 2015 – Mason Rose X UDEF X Silverback


This clip is so nice we had to share it twice!..or three, four times actually. We just had to write about it. Not long ago we wrote how “disappointed” we’ve been with promo/highlight clips lately, but this clip right here…..this is what we’re talking about! The song is funky and the footage is groovy. A great showing of the artistic side of Breaking. The clip screams ART FORM. Love the get downs, the tops, the… Read more

Event Recaps

THEM Team 10 Year Ann. Jam


For the 2nd time in 3 weeks, the UDEF Tour made a stop in Seattle WA. This time it was for THEM Team 10 Year Ann Jam hosted by DJ Bless One, Thesis and of course the rest of the THEM Team familia. The event featured a super dope 2 vs 2 competition featuring a “GREAT 8″ invited crew list consisting of MF KIDZ – 808 Breakers – Filthy Feet – HaviKORO – Knuckleheads Cali… Read more

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