Having been sampled over 200 times (and probably many more without proper credit), the 1973 track “Apache” by the Incredible Bongo Band is often referred to as the most influential record in the history of hip hop. This weekend at the Austin Film Festival, a new documentary called ‘Sample This’ will be shown for the first time, which revolves around the song’s creation, the band’s story, and the influence this mega track had on our culture. The… Read more




A few months back we had an open discussion about the current state of the Bgirls in the Breakin community. I never really gave my (Mex) opinion on it, so here it is. No one is keeping anyone down. This community is not a Bgirls vs Bboys community. We are one and as one we must work together. The whole male vs female mentality must die out. This artform is bigger than that. Sure, it… Read more

Feature Event



After months of anticipation, The Get Down finally premiered on Netflix. Just about all of us have seen the show and shared our views all over the internet. There is little to no footage of the early days of Hiphop Culture. It seems like no one in The Bronx had a video camera to record it or maybe they just didn’t see it as something worth recording. Maybe they didn’t know it would go on… Read more

Event Recaps

F.A.M Fest – Flipside Kings 22 Year Ann recap.


This past weekend, One of Miami’s most historic crews celebrated their 22 years of existence. Flipside Kings 22 Year Ann. became the 19th stop on the Pro Breakin Tour and 2nd consecutive stop in FL. What made the FSK Ann. special, was the cultural atmosphere represented at the event. F.A.M Fest which stand stands for Flipside Arts & Music Festival brought us legendary Miami musicians, artist, writers, DJ’s, MC’s, and bboys all under 1 roof…. Read more

Culture Icon

                      REST IN PEACE to JOEL STIGALE                                             THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING


Don’t really know what to say, don’t really know how to say it. Under normal circumstances I could write and write about the impact Joel and Catalyst Hiphop had in the South Florida Hiphop Community over the last 15 years. Joel Stigale: a friend, a brother, a mentor, a role model. For the last 15 years, every bboy/bgirl that has come out of South Florida has a direct connection to Joel. Joel provided us all… Read more

Event Recaps


Crewsade Cover Photo

(This Crewsade 2016 recap is brought to you by a guest blogger today, Crumbles! of Gravity Benders.) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Home of Beer, Brats, Cheese, the beloved Green Bay Packers, and now…the Crewsade. Hosted by Yosha Antipov and Sanctioned by UDEF, The Pro Breaking Tour brings to you a one of a kind event for crews to put their skills to the test. Also, the Crewsade National Bboy/Bgirl Battle marked the 10 Year Anniversary of the… Read more


TBT: Tips on traveling to your next Bboy Jam


To grow as a bboy or bgirl, it is sometimes fundamental to travel to different jams outside of your city, or even outside the country. Since traveling can get quite expensive and bboys do not have that kind of money to waste, we decided to give you some tips on how to travel more cost-effectively. If you have some other tips, please feel free to leave a comment below. Starting off, it’s pretty easy to… Read more

Event Recaps

Freestyle Session Florida Qualifier


Freestyle Session Florida officially made its return to the Sunshine State this past weekend as Shaolin Productions hosted Freestyle Session Florida Southeast USA qualifier. While the name may say “south east” it could have easily been names the “USA qualifier” as crews and bboys/bgirls from across the states(and Canada) came out to compete and earn that impressive prize of $900 cash, 3 plane tickets to L.A for Freestyle Session World Finals, hotel accommodations and a… Read more

Event Recaps

Hit the Breaks at Tuner Evolution


For the 2nd consecutive year, Hit the Breaks at Tuner Evolution became an official stop in the Pro Breaking Tour(15th stop of the year). After last years success, it was a must. As we wrote last year: “Tuner Evolution took us back to the days of Hot Import Nights. The days of breaking battles, hot girls and hooked up cars. Why do we say that? Because the event took place inside an import car show…. Read more


Abstrak SKMZ – Break Theory


If there is a bboy out there that fully embodies the definition of movement and flow it has to be SKMZ’s own Abstrak. The way he moves, the way he flows; it always appears to be effortless, flawless. Always in control no matter how small the cypher or how big the stage. Abstrak is a true master of movement. Check out the raw footage below.

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