Event Recaps

Make your Marks 2015 Event Recap


Last Sunday UDEF Pro Breaking Tour hit the big apple for its 7th stop of the year. Make your Marks took place in Queens N.Y. While the weather did not collaborate, it did not stop some of the best bboys in northern USA from representing. Bboys like Heat Rock(Boston), Ekcite(RepStyles), Loose Lee(Dynamic Rockers), Tata(Beast Coast) and all the way from Seoul Korea, DOL (MBCrew). All photos by: Kien Quan As the battles went on, many… Read more

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Ness needs the communities support and as our friend, brother and someone that has helped us with his guidance we want to dedicate this weekend to helping him raise the funds needed for his hip surgery. So…. 50% of ALL PROFIT FROM THIS WEEKEND SALES WILL BE DONATED TOWARDS THE ALIEN NESS GO FUND ME CAMPAIGN. ALL purchases from www.TheBboyspot.com/store this Saturday and Sunday, 50% of all profit will go directly towards Ness. You can… Read more

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Clip of the Day

Drifterz Crew 2015 Demo reel

drifters blog

FINALLY! A BREATH OF FRESH AIR…….. I’ve been feeling kind of on the outside when it comes to highlight clips these last few years. I rarely like them. Coming up in the scene in the late 90’s / early 2000’s a highlight clip was a mega big deal. Bboys/bgirls from across the world waited in anticipation for the drop of the new Freestyle Session Clip or went nuts over certain crew clips. Clips had a… Read more

Event Recaps

Heartz and Mindz 2015 Recap


The 6th stop in the UDEF 2015 ProBreakTour took place in the windy city of Chicago, IL. 3 vs 3 squads from across the nation made it out to represent at this years Heartz and Mindz Jam. Aside from the 3 vs 3 battles, Heartz and Mindz included 3 expo battles featuring: Black Attack vs Airtime Atlas – Omen vs Monk and what you can consider the “main event” expo of the night Nick Abat… Read more




This one right here goes out in honor of Black History Month and the current controversy cost by the movie GODS AND KINGS. For decades Hollywood has historically “played” the black man by giving out the roles that should belong to actors of African decent, to white actors. This problem happens all too often and it’s not just towards actors of African decent, it happens to Latino and Asian roles as well. Maybe Hollywood believes… Read more


To promoters with UDEF/Silverback Bboy Events sanctioned/sponsored jams.


UDEF/SBE took the USA breaking community by storm in 2014. Sponsoring jams left and right. Promising and delivering on these high price money events. Nothing like it has ever taken place in our community. Forget a “2nd place” prize, bboys/bgirls knew that just placing into the top 16 would get them a prize. 2014 was like Christmas all year round. Promoters went from being skeptical to lining up for sponsorship. For 2015, UEDF/SBE is sanctioning/sponsoring… Read more

In Memory Of

Wise words we can all learn from by Jay Adams (R.I.P)


Been wanting to write this blog for a very long time. Jay Adams is widely consider as the greatest skater of all time. A true Style Master, Adams, Tony Alva and the Z-Boys brought style to skateboarding. It is thanks to them that skating is a multi billion dollar a year industry. In the 70’s as HipHop culture was coming to life in N.Y. Cali kids created their own subculture and just as Hiphop got… Read more


History of the word “Breakdancing” by Crazy Legs

b dancing

About a week ago, In a phone call with Legs he started telling me the history of the word “Breakdancing” a history I knew about because of a conversation we had about 2 years ago when we decided to release this graphic on @TheBboySpot Instagram page: This is what Legs had to say: Post by Rock Steady Crew BX. In all respect to the history of our dance and culture, we bboys/bgirl should NEVER EVER… Read more



old q a

Taking it back to 2012. Most of what Mex states still holds 100% truth. Out plans of expanding The Bboy Spot center have gone from renting to hopefully one day owning our own facility. Shout outs to Strife TV for hosting this interview. Interview below. Strife TV recently started hosting weekly Q&A chat sessions on their Facebook page, which gives fans of their page the opportunity to submit questions to various figures in the bboy community. Since the… Read more

Memory Lane

Flashback Friday – Cypher Adikts interview with Jskilz


3 years ago we interviewed Jskilz in regards to the mission behind Cypher Adikts. Now headed to its 4 year anniversary + a few states and countries later, Cypher Adikts has grown into one of the most popular breaking events in our community. Lets take a trip into Memory lane and see how it all got started:   Cypher Adikts 4 year Ann will be taking place tomorrow and Sunday. Check out the FB event… Read more

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