Gifts From Our Friends

Gifts from our friends: Nasty Ray Canvas


For the last few years we’ve seen our good friend Nasty Ray develop a very unique style of art. Ray draws silhouettes of bboy/bgirl pictures and turns them into beautiful and colorful abstract pieces. We love his art so much that we asked him for our very own canvas to hang at The Bboy Spot. Ray decided to surprise us at Outbreak 10 Hiphop Festival with this really beautiful canvas that now hangs at The Spot’s living room. Ray’s… Read more


Handstand: Breaking Boundaries


Handstand depicts the coming of age of a young generation in Egypt that is trying to carve a place out for its love of breaking in a generally un-accepting society. Not only is dancing frowned upon and viewed as socially unacceptable, but making it a career is considered second only to suicide in the conservative Arab state. From sidewalk battles, Egypt’s B-Boy culture grows and a breaking community begins to form around it with more dancers (B-Boys… Read more

Feature Event

“It’s For Us” Documentary by Tek TKPROINC


‘It’s For Us’ is a documentary by Tek Self X Crew (Chicago) that takes us on a incredible 7 city, 2 country journey highlighting the rawness and beauty of hip hop culture in its purest form. The documentary takes us on a roller coaster ride from Chicago, to Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, New York, and finally ending in Montpellier, France. The beauty of the documentary, what makes it truly special, is the fact that the artists are being true to… Read more


Things Done Changed: Wu-Tang’s Prophecies of Hiphop


Back in June of 1997, The much anticipated album WU-TANG FOREVER dropped and did not disappoint. The follow up to 36 Chambers lived up to the hype and then some. A huge part of the double cd was disc one and disc two intro’s. Our blog will focus on DISC TWO INTRO and the wise words of THE RZA being applied in BREAKING TERMS OF TODAY. RZA’s prophecies broke down what Hiphop Culture as whole was to become…. Read more


New York Street Gangs of the 70s


One can not speak of the roots of Hiphop Culture without mentioning New York’s street gangs of the 1970s. At the time, The Bronx was truly a concrete jungle yet it was there in the middle of “gorilla warfare” that Hiphop Culture was born. Gangs like the Black Spades (Afrika Bambaataa was a BS warlord), Savage Skulls, Savage Nomads, and the Ghetto Brothers control the streets. The movie “The Warriors” is infamous in our culture. Bambaataa went… Read more

In Memory Of

R.I.P To The Legendary Frosty Freeze


Today we once again pay our respects to the one and only, the legendary Frosty Freeze Ta Pleeze. Its been 6 years since he left us in the physical but Frosty is and will always be with us in the spiritual.

Clip of the Day

80′s Pop Culture. Music Videos featuring Bboys & Bgirls


At its peak in the 80′s Breakin reached such a level that it become a worldwide phenomenon. Deeply integrated in 80s pop culture, Breakin was a dance style kids from all walks of life wanted to be a part of. From every school to every mall to every sidewalk, you could see kids with their cardboard floors attempting to do a windmill. “BREAKDANCING” IN THE 1980S We had movies like Flashdance, Beat Street and Breakin… Read more

Clip of the Day



While on his recent trip to Florida, Kid David teamed up with Felix (drummer of Fusik) to create something unique, something different that portraits the beauty of our dance. The result was a fusion of art and style. A MASTER PIECE. We reached out to Kid David and asked him where the idea behind the project came from: “I had always wanted to make a clip of my drumming connected to my breaking. The original concept was… Read more

Bboy Life

Foundation: The 3 Pillars


Keeping this blog simple and to the point, we’d like to share with you 3 quotes we picked up over the years on why foundation in your dance is extremely important. Below: what the quotes mean to us. #1 Abstrak- Skill Methodz Foundation is history, it is tradition, it is knowledge. Foundation is a tool needed to reach the end. In this case, the end can be a very dope and creative style. #2 Jeskilz- Cypher… Read more

Clip of the Day

Get on Up: The James Brown Story


This summer, its about to go down. The incredible life story of James Brown aka Mr. Dynamite the hardest working man in show business aka Soul brother #1 and The Godfather of Soul hits theaters in the blockbuster movie GET ON UP. The film will give an inside look at the man, the legend. From his childhood years  to worldwide icon and becoming one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. We simply cant wait for opening night.  We encourage everyone… Read more

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