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It’s been a long time coming, but the first ever The Spotlight podcast is finally here! Insight(Mind180/FSK), myself (Mex One, USC) and special guest Spen One(USC) teamed up to bring you this very first episode. The Spotlight podcast will consist of topics and debates concerning the breaking community and more. In this first Run, we cover these topics: • The “Lego Style” debate • Professionalism in the breaking community. • Monster vs Red Bull •… Read more

Event Recaps

Style Elements 21st Year Ann recap


Last Saturday July 18th the Pro Breaking Tour hit San Jose, California for the 28th stop of the tour: Style Elements 21st Anniversary. Style Elements is internationally recognized as one of the most influential 90’s crews in history. 21 years later they stand strong with many of their original members still active today. Bboys and Bgirls from across the world came out to the anniversary to show their support. SEC 21st Ann. featured bboys/bgirls from… Read more

Feature Event



Nearly a year ago when we closed down TheBboySpot facility, we started getting questions about where people can go and purchase Biggest&Baddest gear in Orlando, FL. Emails from across the world came from supporters visiting Orlando so we knew something had to be done. So we did! We teamed up with our good homies at over at Uncle Tony’s Donut Shoppe (@DonutShoppe in Instagram) to bring you the 1st ever Biggest&Baddest POP-UP SHOP! There, You… Read more

Event Recaps

Break Free 2015 Official Recap


For the 7th year in a row I made my way to Houston Texas for Break Free. I’ve been blessed to see the event grow from its humble beginnings to what it has become, the biggest breaking event in Texas and one of the biggest in the south east USA. This years event felt special. It felt a bit more like a family reunion. It felt like Break Free has officially arrived and taken its… Read more

Event Recaps

Sactown Underground 2015 Recap


June 27th and 28th brought the Pro Breaking Tour back to Northern California for Fresh and Fly Production’s biggest annual event, Sactown Underground / Freestyle Session Sacramento. In it’s fourth year, the event aimed to highlight the underground dance scene in Sacramento. At Sactown Underground’s best venue yet, the double dance floored ballroom studio, complete with full lighting, had everyone ready to get down as soon as they entered. Before the battles even began, a… Read more

Memory Lane



This weekend in Houston, TX BREAK FREE will be going down for the 7th time in it’s history. And for the 7th time, The Bboy Spot will be there showing our support. Since it’s 1st installment in 2008 Break Free has grown to become the biggest jam in Texas and one of the biggest in the south east region of the USA. It’s an honor to have seen the event grow as it has. We… Read more

Event Recaps

Floorlords 34 year anniversary recap


Last weekend in Boston, Floorlords Crew celebrated 34 years of history. Established in 1981, Floorlords Crew has been a staple in our community since before we had a community. Unlike some 1st or 2nd generation crews, Floorlords is still being lead by one of their founding members and many of the original bboys in the crew still come out and join in on the celebration year after year. Check out this awesome throwback from Floorlords… Read more

Event Recaps



Last weekend the Pro Breaking Tour hit beautiful sunny San Diego California for the 23rd stop of the year for Calamities 13th Year Anniversary. Calamities 13 Year Ann had been a highly anticipated PBT event due in part to the AMAZING promo job Calamities did for the event. Check out the super funny yet effective graphics made to keep the event current on social media: As expected, the event delivered. The guys had a great… Read more

Event Recaps

Red Bull BC One Toronto Canada Cypher recap


Last weekend history was made in Toronto Canada. Red Bull BC One organized it’s 1st official qualifier. In the words of Dj Lean Rock: “It was one of the best cyphers I’ve ever been to”. Toronto came out strong to support the event and as you can see from the pictures below, the word strong may be an understatement.   Historically Canada has always produced world class bboys and in 2015 the tradition continues. 16… Read more

Event Recaps

Freestyle Session NYC event recap


Over the weekend the Pro Breaking Tour made it’s way into the mecca of Hiphop Culture, New York City, for Freestyle Session NYC. The event featured many of NY’s heavy hitters as well as many other bboys/bgirls from across the east coast. With $3,000+ in cash (ok not cash,checks but its still $$, haha!) up for grabs and 3 plane tickets to Los Angeles, California for Freestyle Session World Finals later this year. You just… Read more

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