Watch the Red Bull BC ONE France World Final Here Saturday at 2:00PM EST!

Flying to the final battle at Red Bull BC One World Final in Moscow 2011

The Red Bull BC One France World Finals 2014 will be starting shortly! Tune in here on The Bboy Spot to check out the battles live. For more information, check out their event page here.


Redbull BC One Paris Final Bracket Contest


Red Bull BC ONE Paris finals! 16 of today’s top competitive bboys will battle it out for their chance to be crowned the 2014 Redbull BC ONE world champion! And with that we have the return of the WORLD FINALS BRACKET CONTEST! Rules are the same as always: The first person to comment below the highest selection of “battle wins” will receive a $200 gift certificate from thebboyspot. Whoever guesses the bracket 100% correct will… Read more

Feature Event

“Uprising: Hip-Hop and the LA Riots” premieres tonight on VH1


This past Sunday marked the 20-year anniversary of the infamous Los Angeles Riots that resulted from the jury decision involving the beating of Rodney King. Complete and utter chaos took over Los Angeles as thousands of people began stealing, assaulting, burning, and even murdering all over L.A. 54 people were killed and thousands of people were injured as a result of the LA riots. If you know anyone living in L.A. around this time, ask… Read more

Bboy Life



It has been over a week since Freestyle Session 17th Year Anniversary took place and we finally found time to sit back and write up our recap on this incredible event. What can be said about Session 17 that hasn’t been said already? IT WAS INCREDIBLE! A true Hip Hop culture event with all elements represented. The best bboys and bgirls from across the world, world class DJ’s, renown graff writers, an MC performance by… Read more




Sneakers are to Hiphop culture what apple pie is to America. Hiphop Culture didn’t just give the youth of the ghetto a platform to practice an art. Writing – Djing – Breakin – MCing are the core elements of the culture but fashion and specially sneakers are iconic in our culture. Adidas and Puma are German based companies that had no involvement with kids in the ghetto and Nike was a small company based in… Read more

Bboy Life

HaviKORO’s Bboy Marlon brings you, Marlon Lizama THE POET.

Marlon top pic

Our great friend Bboy Marlon recently released his webpage In his new site Marlon shows a side of himself some may not know, “Marlon Lizama The Poet”. Aside from being a straight up bboy Marlon is a devote and respected poet. His poetry, like his breaking, has taken him across the world and given him the chance to inspire the youth outside of the dance floor. In addition to the web page, Mr Lizama… Read more

Community 1st



Straight and to the point, earlier this year some good friends asked me to join the UDEF organization… I said “thanks, but no thanks”. A few months back Steve aka Silverback (responsible for creating UDEF) came out to Orlando to check out The Bboy Spot. Steve had a conversation with me about his involvement and even better, WHY HE WANTS TO BE INVOLVED IN THE BREAKING COMMUNITY. Steve and I had a training session followed… Read more

Bboy Life



I was invited to attend the first ever Silverback Open Championship event last weekend in Philly. Like many I wanted to see what SBE & UDEF is all about and what better way than being there in person to witness it. For starters, we had a super official welcome dinner at Ruth Chris Stake House. UDEF treated everyone that attended. A perfect way to start the weekend. As for the jam, as soon as I… Read more


Watch the Red Bull BC One Western Europe Finals Here at 1PM EST

Skychief - Performance

The Red Bull BC One Western Europe Finals in Helsinki for 2014 will be starting shortly! Tune in here on The Bboy Spot to check out the battles live. For more information, check out their event page here.


THE BIGGEST & BADDEST Giveaway contest!


As most of you might know, Biggest&Baddest Clothing is having a major giveaway contest. B&B is giving away their entire 2014 Fall T-shirt collection to two lucky winners! 27 tee’s in total. Since 2007 B&B has been a staple in our community sponsoring bboys and events worldwide. Want your chance to win the collection? This is what you have to do: 1) Follow @BiggestBaddest on Instagram here: 2) Repost our Contest picture on your… Read more

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