Mix Mondays: Ervin Arana – Cypher Adikts Mix Tape

Here at The Bboy Spot we want our front page to be a source for all things in our culture including a source of good music.  We will be posting monthly quality mixes, new and classic from DJs that are putting in work.  I will start off the series with something I’ve been personally practicing to at my weekly Bboy sessions. Coming from Long Beach California, Ervin Arana has been one of the top DJ in… Read more

In Memory Of

MEXONE FOREVER: Fusik & Squadron Dedication

Freestyle Session 20th Year Anniversary was an amazing weekend, but the highlight for us was the dedication to David MexOne Alvarado. Family gathered together to dedicate our music, dance, and art to Mex. The Alvarado Family along with Unique Styles Crew, The Squadron, and Fusik shared a special moment together on stage with the international community all around.  Freestyle Session was always one of Mex’s favorite events, and it was only right that Cros One… Read more

Feature Event
Event Recaps

Freestyle Session 20 Year Anniversary Recap

20 years strong, Freestyle Session delivered an epic weekend! “The Return of the Crew Battle” saw a historical line up of crews making for some memorable battles. The event took place at the legendary, La Boom Night Club in Los Angeles, where it has been held for the past few years. So many things to share, so let’s jump in. Day One Within minutes of the doors opening, the venue already looked full. The support… Read more


Bad Judging at Red Bull BC One?

The Red Bull BC One World Finals went down this past weekend in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  We watched the full livestream from home, in Florida. The production quality was at a high professional level.  There was some confusion with the “Live Event (raw without commentary)” channel being cut off by the start of the “Live TV Show (with commentary)” channel during the Top 16.  However, I was able to fix it with a few clicks to… Read more


The Bboy Spot Legacy Will Continue

As many of you know we lost the founder and creator of The Bboy Spot, David “Mex One” Alvarado. Mex was a huge part of our culture and always cared about community first. He cared so much for the people and made a positive impact on many lives. Through out the past several weeks, so many people have reached out to share their stories of the impact Mex had in their lives. The support has… Read more

Words From The Wise

“How To Break for A Lifetime” with Moy

As Red Bull BC One World Finals approaches this weekend, I was looking at the line up and was excited to see Moy in the mix with many competitors of today’s generation. When my crew, Unique Styles Crew, was coming up in the scene, HaviKoro was one of the crews we always looked up to. Moy was always one that stood out. Back in 1999 we remember when HaviKoro was making noise at Freestyle Session… Read more


Music Matters: Lean Rock’s Story Behind the Break Em Off’ EP

Music has been a major topic within our culture lately and it should be since it is the back bone of the dance. The music is the foundation behind everything we do, without it there is no dance. For the past few years Lean Rock has been working with a talented group of producers and musician to create quality music for the culture. Check out his story as he shares with us the struggles he had… Read more


Nasty Ray’s Vlog

Needing no introduction, the good homie Nasty Ray has been posting up video blogs over the past couple weeks and they just as entertaining as the man himself. If there is one person you can always count on to lift your spirit’s, it’s probably Always refreshing to see people in our community venture out and do other things. Check out his channel HERE and give him a sub. Here’s a link to VLOG#1 Also, check… Read more

Event Recaps

Temple rock 2017 recap

This past weekend the Pro Breaking Tour made its way to my home state of Florida making Shaolin Production’s Temple Rock Vol. 4. The 32nd official stop of the 2017 tour! DAY ONE The jam kicked off with a cypher night at the community spot DGEBK (DJing, Graffitti, Emceeing, Breaking, and Knowledge) Studios. No battles or any formal schedule, just good music and vibes. Day One was dedicated to Mex, having all the proceeds go… Read more

Event Recaps


Professional stage setup and complimentary Monster Energy drinks, Essential alkaline water, meals, and gear with a room full of some of the most talented people in our culture were just some of the many things that was generously provided at this year edition of Silverback Open. With that being said, this year was also an emotional one. The absence of Mex was truly felt. With the blessing of Mex’s family, the classic “Biggest & Baddest”… Read more

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