Event Recaps

Freestyle Session 18 World Finals recap


The weekend of Nov. 7th and 8th marked a milestone in the breaking community. Freestyle Session, one of the community’s most historic events, celebrated 18 years of contribution to breaking and Hip Hop culture. For its 18th anniversary, the event celebrated with a bang. FSS marked the 43rd stop in the Pro Breaking Tour, as well as it’s 2nd championship event of the year. After taking place in San Diego, CA in 2014, it was… Read more


FBF: Breaking News: The Undisputed World Bboy Series


For years there has been meetings among the top promoters in the world to come together and create a partnership to do something bigger for the Breakin community across the world. Finally in 2012 talks about creating a “world series” of events made the partnership come to life. We are proud to announce UNDISPUTED world bboy series, 8 of the top events across the world will host a 1 vs 1 Bboy/Bgirl competition resulting in 8 Champions. The 8 champions will… Read more

Feature Event
Memory Lane



I recently posted a little something on Facebook about what Freestyle Session did for the Bboy community across the world. Coming up in the late 90s to early 2000s, Freestyle Session meant the world to me. As other major events faded away and lost its appeal, Freestyle Session kept growing. The best of the best wanted to earn the title and the one thing every bboy wanted was to make it on the official VHS… Read more

Bboy Life


Bboy Documentary

When we first got an email about this documentary (BATTLE CRY) which took place in Germany in 2012, our initial reaction was “Ok, why do we care? It’s not our business, not our problem”, but we eventually decided to check it out. From the opening statement it was on… Letter from the event organizer: Hey, yall, first of all I want to say….If you guys really want to upload this documentary about our organization we will not pay any of you guys…… Read more

Event Recaps

Silverback Open Championships 2015 Recap


Where do I start? How do I start? How do you describe what was the biggest competition in the 40+ years of breaking history? How do you talk about an event that gathered the biggest talent pool of bboys/bgirls? Gave out $90,000 dollars in cash prizes, provided free gear, food, massages, and chiropractic services to the 400+ competitors that signed up? And lets not forget, this was a FREE EVENT FOR ALL!! If there is… Read more

Community 1st



Straight and to the point, earlier this year some good friends asked me to join the UDEF organization… I said “thanks, but no thanks”. A few months back Steve aka Silverback (responsible for creating UDEF) came out to Orlando to check out The Bboy Spot. Steve had a conversation with me about his involvement and even better, WHY HE WANTS TO BE INVOLVED IN THE BREAKING COMMUNITY. Steve and I had a training session followed… Read more

Event Recaps



Jams in our community tend to have a backend story. A reason/purpose for their existence. It usually has to do with giving back or just trying to do something to better the community, but none represent what Will Forever B­-ILL represents. WFBILL is a celebration to the life of William “B-­ILL” Smith who passed away Sept. 3rd 2012. B­-ILL was a renown member of NY’s X­Fenz and his crew honors him yearly by celebrating his… Read more


TBT: The Forgotten Masters – European 90’s Bboy Scene


Late 80’s the markets and show business had sucked everything possible out of breaking from movies to tours all the way to commercials and products. Once the market’s interest shifted to the next “hip” thing, breaking scene felt it was left out and started to vanish. A lot of people thought breaking was dead. But there was one continent that stayed very true to the art of breaking and hip hop moving to another decade. A lot of people would say took it to another level. Europe.

Event Recaps

Lionz of Zion 19th Year Ann Recap.


This past Saturday Sept 26th the Pro Breaking Tour made a historic stop in our nations capital Washington D.C. for Lionz of Zion 19th Year Ann. Why do we say “historic”? because that is how some bboys are describing the event. L.O.Z Ann was not just a competition, it was a celebration, an all out party if you will. DJ Fleg killed it all night with the venue, the sound, the lighting and flooring… all… Read more

Freshest Kids

TBT: The Freshest Kids: The Rise Of Minnesota

The Rise Of Minnesota

In our ‘Freshest Kids’ segment, I always write about a young up and coming bboy to take notice of, however in this case I decided to flip it and write about the biggest, and probably the best, up and coming scene in the USA; The Minnesota bboy community. You may be saying to yourself, ‘Minnesota??!!’, and if you are from oversees, you may not know much about Minnesota because for years all you’ve known of is New York, California,… Read more

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