Last night Bboy Reveal wrote something on his Facebook page that was really inspiring. We feel its something our community should read and instead of explaining it, we’ll quote his own words. We highlighted the statements that really moved us:

There’s something about old raw footage that makes it “raw”. We entered this jam Secret Warz and won, we were only Breaking for about 2 yrs and I stopped for awhile before this event until I met up with Frank and Troy again, the rest is history. All we had was BeatStreet, RSC and BattleSquad tapes to look up to but they were the best. We had no internet, no workshops and international competitions. Until we saw Easy Rock, Crazy Legs and Bboy Alliance live at the first B-boy Summit that did it. We were pretty much a self taught crew than but we ‘always listen and learn’. 
I dedicate this video to my old crew that paved the way for me and taught me everything I need to know about Breaking. I consider them the fourfather of my style, my true inspiration and they were my closest friends. Together we studied and practice all the four elements of Hip-Hop through out High School yrs (the best times of my life) even though we saw a lot of violence and hate but that was the main reason why we danced the way we did because we lived it. It wasn’t just about the moves it was about the movement. FootSoulgers was all about the movement, the essence, the music, the culture and we made sure we execute with our own original ideas through FOUNDation and raw attitude. So big shout outs to Frank the epitome of fresh he was ahead of his time, Troy who innovated and mastered the threading hooks style flow before anyone, Manson who opened our eyes and showed us the truth, and my brother JR with the unorthodox kung fu style that pushed me even harder. Shout outs to the other members Cozbe and Nathan. Everything we did was always different and we would battle anybody, anytime and anywhere. Ps Sorry the video is a lil shaky.

Here is the video along with the original quote:

How can a group of 14 and 15 year old kids understand this art form as they did?


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