Rest in Peace Bboy Nat HaviKORO Houston TX Legend

Man this sucks… browsing my Instagram, I saw a picture Moy reposted only weeks before of Nat (O.G Texas legend) but the wording was the worst thing I could have ever read. Nat passed away after being hit by a drunk driver. Only 2 weeks ago, I was in Houston TX with my boy VicNice and Vicious and I was telling them about Texas Bboy kings and I mention Nat. NAT WAS “THE MAN”. He was truly an innovator of power moves in Texas and with that the world (Texas power movers inspired the world). HaviKORO was getting ready to do a performance at this years BC One USA Finals in Houston. Nat was training for it & I was excited to see him and other original members of HAVIK and KORO. I’ve always shown my appreciation and admiration for Havik and KORO. I used to be a “fan”. Nat was a super hero to me. I don’t know what more to say. A very sad day.

A prayer for his family and hope he is being blessed up above. Rest In Power.

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  1. […] Family and friends of the victim said he was a talented B-Boy, known around Houston for his dancing skills.  They posted news of the crash on a B-Boy website. […]

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  3. jcsace13 says:

    I just commented on a post of Geraldo Rivera blasting Hip Hop and mention Havik. Made me remember my boy Nat. I knew him from my days at Edison Middle School in Houston. R.I.P. your memory lives on.

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